Roof trusses as well as wall panels and floor trusses are factory built engineered solutions for today’s construction challenges. These engineered products allow greater freedom in your product design for large open spaces that can not be accomplished with traditional lumber. Our manufacturing facility will take your blueprint or conceptual design and turn it into reality, all delivered to your building location.


Product Line

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses not only provide design options that can not be accomplished with traditional framing methods, they are also an environmentally friendly option using significantly less lumber for the same area. From a simple garage, to a highly detailed complex home design, to large agricultural buildings spanning up to 80 feet, roof trusses provide cost effective solutions to today’s construction challenges.

Wall Panels

Wall panels offer time saving efficient solutions to modern wood framed construction. Whether it’s a basic residential home or a multi-story hotel wall panels offer a pre-designed solution that can be erected on the job in one-third the time of conventional framing.

Floor Trusses

Floor trusses provide the ability to span long distances that conventional framing can not accomplish, as well as making it easier to run plumbing, electrical, and HVAC through the open webs.

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